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The number of smartphone thefts in London has declined dramatically since manufacturers started implementing 'kill switches'
A $111,000-a-year San Francisco water manager will likely be suspended after he was seen urinating in a reservoir that supplies drinking water to nearly 2.5 million Bay Area residents.
Geologists at the University of Illinois used seismic waves from earthquakes to reveal that the Earth's inner core is made of two sections with iron crystals that point in different directions.
Some languages are happier than others, according to a new study that ranked languages based on the emotional content of words and other factors. Wondering where English falls?
The legacy of the world's worst nuclear accident lives on--and it might be causing new problems, according to researchers from the Norwegian Institute for Air Research.
Who doesn't love LEGO? It's fun, it's practical,'s philosophical. Approach your fitness goals like a LEGO project: brick by brick.
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