Public Wi-Fi networks--like those in coffee shops or hotels--are not nearly as safe as you think. Even if they have a password, you're sharing a network with tons of other people, which means your da
Fire chiefs say the numbers could just be the 'tip of the iceberg' - and urged manufacturers to do more to warn about the dangers and place prominent safety labels on products.
The people of Hotoro Quarters in Nasarawa L.G.A of Kano State were today around 7:00pm thrown into confusion as the NNPC Mega Station located in the vicinity was Blown up by bombs planted in the prem
Journalist Maziar Bahari, whose story is the basis for Jon Stewart’s directorial debut “Rosewater,” doesn’t regret any of the actions that led to his lengthy 2009 incarceration in Iran.
Skype for Web makes chatting face-to-face with your aunt easier by eliminating the need to download a pesky app.
Self-driving cars still feel like a sci-fi technology, decades away from reality — but you'd be surprised. A lot of the things we need to put them on the road already exist, and the rest is just...
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