On Tuesday, Google was awarded a patent for a quadcopter with cameras and screens. But could it replace traditional video conference calls?
The days of two developers making games in a shed are over. Newcastle’s Ubisoft-owned Reflections shows that studio collaboration is key to 21st-century titles
Glass ceilings are breaking – a major political party in the United States has nominated a woman for president. Still more ceilings need to be shattered and they need to stay shattered.
Bitcoin in Russia will never be a favorite combination by the look of things. Even though the government and central bank want to explore blockchain technology, using cryptocurrency is a different ma
Absolute Staffers, a professional staffing company in USA have hired a lot of candidates for the domains like Healthcare, Administrative as well as Technology and you too can get a suitable job for y
New about yahoo, apple and google. Recently yahoo sold to verizon news, apple picks apple picks bob mansfield for electronics car project, google’s new algorithm for google play store.
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