Public Health England (PHE) has urged workplaces to stop "vapers" from mixing with traditional smokers.
Consisting of 26,000 individual solar panels, the roof of the the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas has become the nation's largest solar roof installation.Photo credit: Mandalay Bay Casino
India is a developing country which is growing rapidly; as a result, many overseas businesses and firms are showing their interest in working with Indian outsourcing firms. India is among top destina
British-based biotechnology company, Tiziana Life Science, has bought the genetic data of almost 13,000 residents in the Ogliastra area of Sardinia why one in every 2,000 people lives to 100.
Invoice processing is an inevitable task for any business. It is important to know what invoice processing is all about and if not outsourced, why it can be a mill stone around the neck of your busin
The New York City subway system is gearing up for a major overhaul meant to bring a "modernized look and feel" to lighting, wayfinding and subway cars by the ye...
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