Experts weigh in on Mark Zuckerberg's vision of a type of telepathy in which people share their thoughts and experiences through brain-to-brain communication.
This act of cosmological fiddling only bolsters the delusion that if we
measure time carefully enough, we can control it
Researchers from Columbia Engineering report that they have demonstrated an on-chip visible light source using anatomically thin graphene, making it the thinnest light bulb.
The film "Jurassic World" stars a massive chicken-based dinosaur that was created in a lab. The genetically altered behemoth, dubbed Indominous rex, is fictitious, but one famed dinosaur hunter says
Given Disney’s amusement parks are packed full of audio-animatronic characters, it only makes sense that the company’s research division would be hard at work finding ways to make them even more life
The decline in the bee population could be caused by the insect’s high contamination of aluminum, a chemical element implicated as a factor in Alzheimer's disease in humans, a new study has found.
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