#Stop Killing of Children for a Piece of Land.
Understanding Israel-Palestine Conflict.

We celebrate America’s birth on July 4. But 238 years after the Declaration of Independence, our democracy, like any living thing, still needs care and
According to the Supreme Court, police need a warrant to search the cell phones of people they arrest. The unanimous decision, which was handed down last week, is being heralded as a major victory fo
Yesterday the Jordanian Media Commission blocked access to 7iber.org, the alternate domain we have been using for the past year after the Jordanian government first blocked 7iber.com along with aroun
Many Sri Lankans do not recognise the extremist Bodu Bala Sena as embodying Buddhist values at all, but they are increasingly unwilling to speak out about their opposition to it
Charles Farr's statement marks first time government has commented on how it exploits the UK's legal framework to operate mass interception • Read Farr's statement in full
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