Social media can be an invaluable resource when you run a business; it offers a direct line of communication with your target audience, among many other benefits. That being said, the social rat race
Scribd wants to be to bibliophiles what Netflix is to couch potatoes. The ebook subscription service is rolling out a new browsing experience, which uses human curation and an algorithm-driven...
Sick of the big cable bundle? Luckily, the number of alternatives are growing -- and some are coming from the very people who say the bundle isn't going away.
When everything is already all lit up, a searchlight is just another thing you can’t see. - Eric Newton, Searchlights and Sunglasses The premise of Eric Newton s Searchlights and Sunglasses is that a
The military is experimenting with 3D-printed skin, bombs, and now pizza.
This is why your manufacturing jobs are vanishing.
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