The city’s thriving cycling community has given rise to a new breed of criminals: bicycle thieves. Many of these bikes, used by hobbyists and office-goers to commute to work, can cost lakhs of rupees
Researchers from the University of Memphis used a learning machine to find out what makes a meme successful or unsuccessful. They found that keeping it short and simple gains popularity.
Emmanuel Alfaro, popularly known as the creator of The Lawton GrapeVine Facebook group, has generated an app that is supposed to accomplish what he originally envisioned for the social m
First, it was water. Now it is the turn of clean air. Whatever be the outcome of the recently concluded Paris Accord on climate change, the fact that bottled clean air is now being traded across bord
Cyber-squatters are pouncing on Star Wars domain names with dreams of big bucks as Disney overlooks some of the most obvious franchise URLs
Why are some parents saying #HellNoBarbie? Barbie has become an iconic toy for little girls everywhere and it hasn't been without tons of controversy. Thro
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