Suzanne Moore: Social media can spread information with unprecedented speed, but old-media skills such as sourcing, reporting and the checking of facts still matter
(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — A social media editor who has worked for two of the nation's largest news-gathering organizations pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges that he conspired with the hacking group
Brands have sought to partner with influential bloggers for nearly as long as there have been blogs, with ads, sponsored posts, and more.
Tweens and young teens who use social media place a higher value on fame than kids who don't use it or use it infrequently, says a new survey of media use among those ages 9-15.
THIS week in the wake of the Boston bombings the people of Reddit (a tightknit but widespread online social media community) have been actively trying to identify people in photos at the scene of the
Clandestine service in online hunt for men and women who 'possess daring, wits and finesse' and enjoy foreign travel
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