A survey has found that more Sudbury seniors want to get information face to face — 16 per cent would like a phone call, while only one per cent want to hear from the city by social media or email.
As Erin Brockovich points out, we are not always who we appear to be. In fact, even to people close at hand, we might seem to be different than we really are. So who are we to judge others?
Clothes swapping has become an increasingly popular way for women in the United States to give away undesired items from their wardrobes and get something fresh in return.
More than 50 million users of the daily deals site LivingSocial are being asked to reset their passwords after hackers attacked the company's servers and potentially made off with personal data.
Suzanne Moore: Social media can spread information with unprecedented speed, but old-media skills such as sourcing, reporting and the checking of facts still matter
(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — A social media editor who has worked for two of the nation's largest news-gathering organizations pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges that he conspired with the hacking group
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