Research team say tiny brain could be used to test drugs and study diseases, but scientific peers urge caution as data on breakthrough kept under wraps
Physicists at the University of California, Berkeley, have cooled a gas to the quietest state ever achieved, hoping to detect faint quantum effects lost in the din of colder but noisier fluids.
It's the perfect solution for a country weaning itself off nuclear energy.
The great German shoe maker Adidas has once again surprised everyone with its new shoes made out of recycled ocean waste. These shoes now launched at Parley,  resulted from a collaborative venture. P
The next generation of robots is likely to be inspired by the unique square shaped tail of the sea horse which is also pretty strong and flexible. For the sea horses the unique tail also comes in han
Experts weigh in on Mark Zuckerberg's vision of a type of telepathy in which people share their thoughts and experiences through brain-to-brain communication.
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