Humans have asked where we come from for thousands of years, across all cultures. But only recently have we started to address the mystery of the evolution of the human brain -- the organ that's the
Research due to be published in the journal Surgical Technology International found bending the neck 60 degrees adds 60lbs, or worth of pressure, on the neck.
How to find out how much you're actually sleeping — and how to improve it.
Fire chiefs say the numbers could just be the 'tip of the iceberg' - and urged manufacturers to do more to warn about the dangers and place prominent safety labels on products.
Led by a younger generation raised to communicate in a digital world, Text, Talk, Act is using social media to help people searching for guidance on mental health, coaxing those in need from texted q
The global response to fight Ebola has been slow going. But social media campaigns are helping it pick up.
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