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Tesla is on a roll -- and the company hasn't even shifted into high gear yet. Elon Musk's electric-car maker delivered earnings results on Wednesday that were much better than Wall Street had expecte
Scientists in a new study repeatedly found that dolphins can remember the distinctive whistle -- which acts as a name to the marine mammal -- of another dolphin they haven't seen in two decades.
Astronomers have snapped a picture of the smallest alien planet yet found around a star like our sun using a technique to photograph exoplanets directly from Earth. Bluer than expected, the gas plane
Kirobo, a talking robot that also recognizes faces, was launched Sunday on a cargo transfer vehicle and will reach the International Space Station in six days.
Shows how future robots could use shape-changing to tackle obstacles.
"There's my wife who keeps me from making bad decisions," Carmack tells Ars.
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