The way spacecraft are built is about to change. Tethers Unlimited just received a $500,000  Phase II contract from NASA to continue its plans for robots that will use 3D printing to create spacecraf
NASA has always built its spacecraft on Earth, but aerospace startup Tethers Unlimited is hoping to change that process by developing a system that combines 3D printing and robotic assembly to...
Around 200,000 volunteered computers donated 17,000 years worth of computing time in an 8 month span, aiding in the identification of 24 pulsars in the Milky Way.
Invasive species are a modern problem with ancient roots, and how they evolve could be understood by studying the effects the rise of the precursors of the Appalachian Mountains.
After obeying orders for more than a year on the Red Planet, NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has finally gotten its first taste of freedom.
It isn't carbon, it isn't nickel, it sure as heck ain't gold—it doesn't even have a formal name. But never mind that. The newly created superheavy element, announced today in a paper published in the
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