Every memory you ever had is in some respects a hallucination. You can see a scene, feel a feeling, even smell a smell at a time and in a context in which they didn't occur at all.
As ice levels in the North Atlantic have declined, increasing numbers of seals are ending up stranded along the U.S. East Coast, as far south as the Carolinas, far from where they should be.
Parts of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet underwent significant melting during the Pliocene, when climate conditions mirrored today's.
A close look at some very specific locations shows evidence that snow once fell on the Red Planet, then melted to form some of the well known valley networks there. Continue reading →
Madagascar, home to a wealth of unique animals and plants, is no longer the hotspot for the emergence of new species that it once was, indicates a new study of reptiles and amphibians.
This little molecule is what stress looks like. Researchers from
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