A beer-pouring robot that can read your body movements and anticipate when you want another drink has been developed by students from Cornell University.
It is only four weeks till the World Conference of Science Journalists commences in Helsinki, and our #sci4hels panel has been hard at work, for months ...
Laser beams and an aerodynamic levitator help scientists melt cement into a metallic-glass material that can act as a semiconductor. Read this article by Amanda Kooser on CNET.
New Hubble Space Telescope photos of the Ring Nebula have revealed the most detailed 3D view of the nebula ever seen. See what the Ring Nebula images show here.
Microbes that have adapted to frigid temperatures on Earth hint at ways life could survive on Mars or a moon of Saturn.
The white coats of these rare felines are produced by a single change in a known pigment gene.
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