NASA's latest solar observatory is slated to blast off tonight (June 27), kicking off a two-year quest to investigate how energy moves around the sun.
One year after Apple's first computer debuted, Voyager lifted off. Now, scientists eagerly await the big moment when it crosses into interstellar space. Read this article by Charles Cooper on CNET Ne
Testing on chimpanzees is winding down in the U.S. as 310 of them are being retired from medical research, The National Institutes of Health announced today.
Connecting Microsoft's Kinect system to an electronic cockroach interface could create insects capable of mapping out collapsed buildings and other dangerous areas
This article explains how the Drake Equation predicts how many alien civilizations the SETI Institute might detect; and how other approaches would need different equations for their projects.
A nearby solar system is packed with up to seven planets including three "super-Earths" that may be capable of supporting life, say scientists.
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