Imprints of stems and blossoms stamped into the dirt of ancient graves are the oldest definitive proof of flowers decorating graves—a common practice around the world today—a new study says. Scented
Many people take part in races as a tradition on Independence Day including Maine native and astronaut Chris Cassidy. That's why he made unique arrangements months ago to participate in his hometown
Japanese scientists have created tiny human livers like those seen early in the life of a human fetus, according to new research released on Wednesday (July 3) in the journal Nature.
Seattle resident lands what might be the oldest rockfish ever discovered.
So this is pretty much one of those things you've always wanted from the future, right? Researchers have created a prototype contact lens-and-glasses
Pluto's two smallest known moons have finally been named after an Internet vote was carried out in February 2012. Formally referred to as P4 and P5, the two moons are now known as Kerberos and Styx r
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