Do you have a higher chance of dying while going to the grocery store or parachute jumping? Here is my answer to an Ask An Expert question for a risk assessment of two very different activities.
Viewers should be able to observe around 60 "shooting stars" per hour during this year's Perseid Meteor Shower.
If you turn into a snarling, growling mess every time there's a full moon, rest assured you’re not turning into a werewolf, a new study suggests. It's more likely that you're suffering from a poor ni
Every memory you ever had is in some respects a hallucination. You can see a scene, feel a feeling, even smell a smell at a time and in a context in which they didn't occur at all.
As ice levels in the North Atlantic have declined, increasing numbers of seals are ending up stranded along the U.S. East Coast, as far south as the Carolinas, far from where they should be.
Parts of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet underwent significant melting during the Pliocene, when climate conditions mirrored today's.
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