Tracking India's inaugural Mars Orbiter Mission live. Will the mission be a success?
Research shows that we have the capacity to synthesize happiness when we don’t get what we want. But is synthetic happiness as good as “real” happiness? Or is all happiness just a concoction? Let’
Does God exist? How did Kurt Gödel "prove" God's existence, and who verified Gödel's work? Just how does "modal logic" differ from the usual if-then, for-every logic?
Humpback dolphins off the coast of Australia have been found to be a distinct species of a group of dolphins that spans the eastern Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans.
Previously thought to be passive, the branching brain wires actively compute signals. 
The U.N. is planning an "International Asteroid Warning Group" so that member nations can share data about hazardous space rocks and coordinate an interception mission should a scary space rock be id
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