News about race in America these days is almost universally negative. Longstanding wealth, income and employment gaps between whites and people of color are increasing, and tensions between police an
Most of what politicians say or write are their own thoughts to a large degree. But that doesn’t mean they write their own words. Here is what really happens...
As Syria and Iraq have become increasingly dangerous for reporters, a citizen journalist has provided extraordinary information from his laptop in England about what is happening in the Middle East a
President Obama's tax plan is Piketty-lite, aimed at reversing years of economic rot among America's poorest 50 percent.
The former director and editor of Charlie Hebdo has urged people to use laughter as the “ultimate weapon” against extremism and hate following the massacre of his friends and former colleagues.
The penalty tax for uninsured Americans, also known as a “shared responsibility payment,” is very much avoidable. There are 20+ exemptions which will give you a free pass around the legislation and m
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