No one has access to your intentions except you, and besides, everybody lies. Threats are a behavior, and they tell us something significant about the person making them.
Humans are partisans by nature—but there's hope for ways to fight the impulse toward conflict.
If you raised the price of Don Draper's cigarettes, would he have cut back on the whiskey? Probably not, but it works on most beer and spirits drinkers, a study finds. Wine drinkers, not so much.
Wakie (pictured) was created Armenian developer Hrachik Adjamian. An alarm is set for 7am for example, and at this time, the user who set the alarm receives a call from a member.
People tend to drink more alcohol on days they've exercised, a study finds
Your brain understands — and retains — information differently depending on whether you read on paper or an e-reader.
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