On Thursday, Verizon introduced a new array of “simple prepaid service plans,” which includes three plans for smartphones and two plans for basic phones, as well as various data options for those who
You're watching TV on your computer via your broadband connection. But Comcast says technically its Stream TV service is being offered via cable.
A team of developers in Canada has come up with a way for ordinary people to track extraterrestrial encounters. The team hopes to raise $50,000 to launch the device, called CubeSat for Disclosure.
There may be a chill in the air, but warm hearts are coming to the rescue of those in need. Friday night a group gathered in Mount Vernon at the Phaze 10 Restaurant to raise money for cancer patients
Yahoo is angering the dwindling number of people who still use its email service with a test run of a feature that locks out anyone who has an ad blocker installed.
Scientists have created electronic plants embedded with conducting wires and transistors that could one day be used as onboard sensors.
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