Hitachi has launched their enterprise MLC SSD, Ultrastar SSD400M. It uses Intel's 25nm NAND and SSD technology. More details on the inside.
Are you a heavy person of the SMS attribute on your mobile phone? If so, Facebook's recent announcement could possibly be just the thing you'll want to keep those fingers of yours actually busier whi
It's been very silent from Acer's mobile department for quite some time now, however it looks like the company is actually finally getting ready to kick off its Iconia Smart up coming month. If you'v
Although we're continue to a couple of months away from the expect to have launch of Intel's what are named as Ultrabook platform, we've previously seen Asus' take back in Computex and now the first
Last few days London is the place for online and citizen journalism. Both professional and citizen journalists take videos and photos of burning cars and houses and spread it online.
TThis is a unusual one, AMD has started promoting desktop PC memory under its Radeon brand and though that in itself can be strange, we can't yet wonder about the right time to, as it's not exactly a
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