Google may have explicitly declared that their Chromebooks will not allow a user to install anything to the local storage, much less replace the stock Chrome OS operating system with an alternative O
If you have not been keeping up with the controversies that have been surrounding Facebook over the past few days, today might just be a good time to log in to your account to see if you have been th
If you thought that the recent headlines about Chinese businessmen copying the designs, look and style of products and retail stores are the best examples of how enterprising the Chinese can be when
Love that cute little anthropomorphic cat without a mouth that is known by many all around the world as Hello Kitty? If so, today will probably be a good day to ask for help from some friends who are
When it comes to pricing, Intel is a very predictable company and although we're not quite sure why the company is sticking to the exact same prices over and over again, it's just how it is. One of o
Anonymous has apparently made good on a promise to wreak havoc on the Web site of the Bay Area Rapid Transit System today, although not exactly as planned. Earlier, the amorphous collective had threa
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