For the first time ever, scientists have sequenced the genome of the world’s tallest land species, the giraffe. Surprisingly, this majestic creature required only a small handful of mutations to atta
Google loves to brag about how its self-driving cars have the ability to save lives by being really good at not crashing into things. But crashes do still happen, and when they do, Google apparently
Certain numbers could, in principle, get you into trouble – why?
But we’re better off believing in it anyway.
The BBC is pushing forward with plans for a subscription streaming service that'd rival offerings from Netflix and Amazon, and it has an adorable working title: Britflix. According to The Telegraph,.
The data of 70,000 OKCupid users is now searchable in a database. Ethicist Michael T Zimmer explains why it doesn't matter that it was "already public."
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