The attacks in Paris brought on a wave of reporting, speculation, and chatter on social media — the sort of news environment First Look Media's newest venture is designed to sift through when news br
Bill Gates recently blogged about a new machine that uses human waste to create drinking water and electricity.
Charlie Hebdo is back with a vengeance, giving the finger (or, to be more accurate, "un bras d'honneur") to all the terrorists out there (though in this issue, it's mainly aimed at the Islamist ones
MovePH invites you to join the People's Coverage of the People's Pope by sending us your photos and stories and participating in the online discussion
Researchers have 'solved' Texas Hold'Em and it will beat a human every time, given enough hands.
A new book explains the evolution of synonyms for "intoxicated," including how English got "wasted," "bombed," and "lit."
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