Many of us have been told that writing things down can help us learn more effectively, but learning and remembering aren't always the same thing. Your notes can actually act like a crutch, and when t
A commercial showing someone "smoking" will air on British TV for the first time in nearly 50 years tonight following regulation changes that have cleared the way for the depiction of e-cigarette...
With the increasing rise of YouTubers, movements like Gamergate and so on, questions about the role of journalism abound. Who's a journalist? What does it..
Sharyl Attkisson claims to have evidence, but she isn't sharing it all.
As the Syrian civil war grinds on into its fourth year, citizen journalists increasingly have filled the gap left by foreign professionals, few of whom now venture into the most dangerous country i..
Currently recognized as the largest burial ground in the world, New York’s mysterious and forbidden Hart Island located at the western end of Long Island Sound was once a prisoner of war camp for Con
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