The brutal truth is that most people can't pay the bills by "living their passion." So what can we do instead?
Here are the 10 best cities for new grads, in terms of overall career happiness in conjunction with the average cost-of-living-adjusted salary.
Learn how to make the leap from reader to writer and get your story out fast • Date: Sunday 29 June 2014 • Location: The Guardian, King's Cross, London • Price: £99
Community News Commons has given local citizen journalists a chance to break and share news in Winni... - Local - Winnipeg Free Press.
A five-minute spoken word film urging people to unplug from smartphones and social media has, ironically, taken the internet by storm, dividing opinions online as to whether it is thought-provoking o
Journalism graduates need to be prepared to work intelligently on the platforms that will carry their work, according to the Texas State professor.
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