Western media lost an important ally in their attempts to report from Syria today, as citizen journalist Rami Ahmad Alsayeed was killed by armed forcers only hours after streaming live from the city
Citizen journalist Faye Anderson was among those gathered at last week’s symposium, hosted by the Center for American Progress.
The deaths of two western journalists in Syria this week raise new concerns about the safety of news teams working in dangerous places. Is war reporting more dangerous than ever, and what has happene
It could've been the latest bad movie from the Sy-Fy network, but instead it was all spawned by area resident Dave Masko on a citizen journalism site called Huliq.com,
Stunt alert! The 'Borat' actor wants to attend the Oscars at 'The Dictator' but the Academy doesn't like the idea.
Four more bodies have been found inside the wreckage of the Costa concordia, which capsized on 13 January.
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