The head of the Committee to Protect Journalists discusses why traditional media and citizen reporters are a threat to struggling dictators.
Three former Harvard students are mining in-country social media sites to deliver news and viewpoints from Chinese citizens.
The world lost one of the only direct windows into the carnage in Homs, Syria, when Rami al-Sayed’s video live stream went dark Tuesday. A citizen journalist, al-Sayed was live streaming the Assad r
Citizen Journalist Bladimir Sánchez has already received threats for making a video showing the forced evictions of farmers and fishermen protesting the construction of a hydroelectric dam in the dep
Afghanistan is bracing for intensifying protests, as outrage over the burning of Qurans at a U.S. base led to the first American casualties and President Barack Obama vowed to hold coalition official
News agencies that want to cover events happening in restricted parts of the world have had few options for licensing high-quality content. is trying to solve that problem, with a platfor
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