Scientists at the National Agriculture and Food Research Organisation in Tsukuba, Japan, suppressing the gene 'Ephmeral1' to double the lifespan of Morning Glory plants.
One of the biggest problems with printing human meat was the creation of blood vessels and ventricles. Making a solid mass of flesh was easy but adding a way..
NASA has been talking for some time now about its Asteroid Redirect Mission, a plan to snatch an asteroid out of space and send it into lunar orbit for study. Yesterday, the agency announced when...
Good news, everyone! NASA has came up with an interplanetary smell-o-scope experiment, processing data from the Cassini spacecraft and reproducing the...
The Fermi Paradox has been increasingly questioned, but there are no answers yet. The answer could be climate change...
A video shows all asteroids found between the sun and Jupiter in the past 34 years. San Francisco astronomer Scott Manley made the fascinating animation.
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