Davinder Kumar Khanna, a resident of Amritsar, did not know that the information he is seeking under the RTI act will cost him whopping amount of Rs 11 lakh.
If Aix en Province is not the most famous city in France, it can be forgiven. After all, it is in the shadow of Marseilles, France’s second biggest urban center (after Paris), and of the nearby Frenc
Thousands of truckers will cause gridlock in a bid to stop soldiers moving fuel around the UK in the event of a strike.
Global Voices discussed [2] the Obama administration's efforts to facilitate transparency in US-Russia relations through the use of citizen media when Ambassador McFaul was sworn in last January
Groupon was forced to restate fourth quarter earnings, sending its stock down 6% in after-hours trading. This surprised me as much as my $2 investment in the Mega Millions jackpot not paying off.
In last Wednesday's class we look at an IB exam question about citizen journalism, and it quickly became obvious that we need to study more examples of this phenomenon.
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