1927 Baby Boys Wore Pink – Did you know that pink was for boys and blue for girls? Have you seen even older photos of babies all wearing dresses? Times ...
My friend Leslie has a post on her blog about "Mean Women". She was counseling a friend who was dealing with difficult people in a philanthropic organization, but her point is not limited to women ..
At least two tornadoes appear to have touched down in areas around Dallas on Tuesday, NBC News reported.
This hard-grafting painter may have climbed the ladder to a career high... but one mistake and it's a hard fall back to where he started.
An anonymous undercover reporter for Al Jazeera has captured the Syrian uprising in a first-of-its-kind-documentary — recorded on an iPhone.
Expedia and TripAdvisor have just filed complaints about Google's travel search features as part of a larger antitrust probe the search giant is facing in the European Union.
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