Professional journalists have long faced the risks of working in harm's way, but now conflicts like the one in Syria are claiming the lives of a new part of the media -- citizen journalists.
world news - A series of bombs and shootings have killed at least 47 people in several areas across Iraq on Sunday. A car bomb that blew up near a housing complex in the city of Baquba left…
threatening power and water supplies to San Francisco
YOSEMITE VILLAGE, Calif. -- Bone-dry grass and brush Saturday fed flames as more than 2,600 crew members struggled to corral a still-growing wildfire in California's Sierra foothills. "This fire is v
Zoleykha Mousavi is a mother without hope. She's the mother of a jailed Iranian blogger, Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, who has been on hunger strike for about two weeks.
Every year, reporters and citizen journalists are killed in Mexico by criminal cartels for trying to publish their stories.
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