iPads will replace books, classrooms and, in some ways, teachers. A principal of the Steve Jobs school says in seven years their model will be totally normal.
An education center created by the Paiter-Surui [en] tribe in the Brazilian Amazon that will offer professional courses to the area's indigenous has finally opened.
Pearson Catalyst, the new ed tech startup program launched by publishing company Pearson, has announced the companies in its inaugural class.
Meanwhile, the majority of the communications take place in a public manner, in the traditional media and through citizen media.
11 companies from the most recent Y Combinator batch will recieve funding from FundersClub, a new model for venture capital that found a good deal of interest in funding those companies.
Knewton has partnered with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and aims to bring digitally-enhanced learning tools to five million schoolchildren by the end of the year.
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