Mark Zuckerberg admitted it, and a new study has proved it: Facebook is no longer cool with teens. The semi-annual Taking Stock with Teens study indicated that Twitter has overtaken Facebook as the m
Millions of Facebook and Twitter users are being urged to leave instructions to manage their social media accounts from beyond the grave
Retired schoolteacher Donald Hovasse signed up for Twitter about a year ago at the urging of his daughter. He lost interest after trying...
Young celebrities do it. So why are we surprised when a typical teen Instagram post goes something like this: Teen (girl or boy) posts a...
Social media delivery systems like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are free, but as anyone who's managed a social media campaign knows, it takes resources to create a successful, long-term social media
On Tuesday night, some of the world's most influential people gathered together for a TIME 100 event in London and agreed that, for better or worse, social media has changed our lives -- and our live
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