- In Greek mythology, Pheme was the personification of fame, her boon being renown, her wrath scandalous rumours.
Holly Baxter: There's a particularly smug form of schadenfreude I feel when a conglomerate like Birds Eye gets its pitch to 'the youth' wrong
Brent Lindeque's #NekNomination has inspired a global movement to do random acts of kindness.
The monster social networking site reworks its algorithm to reward "quality," as defined by ... Facebook
A potentially hazardous internet drinking game called 'NekNomination' has reportedly claimed two lives in the U.K., and has some worried it might spread to teenagers in the United States too. The gam
For older social media users, figuring out how to edit a Facebook comment or post the right photo to Instagram requires one's full attention. But for the younger set, using social media is intuitive,
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