Animal lovers have taken to social media this morning to support Manchester Dogs’ Home – posting a selfie of themselves and their pet alongside their donation for the centre.
4D printing has the potential to create a new class of disruptive technologies for the benefit of humanity
Billboard's top 100 list of all time—well, of all time since the Hot 100 list began in 1958 anyway—is a nostalgia trip through American music of the past half century. Even if you're a cold-hearted m
The number of older adults with student loans is growing fast, and many of them are struggling to pay the debt off.
Crisis Text Line's data troves reveal the times and days when we feel bullied, depressed, or alone.
Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft reports on the new all black burger at Burger King Japan, a sandwich with black buns, black sauce, and black cheese darker than a black hole (seriously, the cheese is extremel
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