‘Facebook at Work’ would allow users to chat with colleagues, build catalogs of contacts and collaborate on documents
As is true with almost any spacefaring mission, conspiracy theorists are eager to deconstruct and point out the LIES! our government space agencies are telling us, and of course, the ESA's recently s
The Leonid meteor shower of 2014 will peak on Monday and Tuesday (Nov. 17 and 18), but don't expect a dazzling celestial light show. Here's what to expect.
In a couple of recent Microsoft-related posts I've written, I've highlighted fact that the company's been doing quite well - and making some excellent changes - ever since Satya Nadella came on as CE
Proper etiquette is crucial in the workplace. Are you breaking the rules?
Shows where and when journalists have been killed,and can be filtered by various factors, including gender, position, source of fire, etc.
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