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The signs that someone might be contemplating suicide are often missed until it's too late. Among younger crowds, evidence that a person might need help are often written right on their social media
Well that lasted long. After just three days, Google has rescinded its decision to block almost all public nudity on its Blogger platform after they were inundated with complaints from its users.
Magamba Network will be hosting a New Media & Citizen journalism workshop at Queens Hall in Mutare on the 26th of February 2015 facilitated by Sir Nige (263Chat), Fungai Tichawangana (ZimboJam) M
This is the latest example we've seen of Northern Europe acting like its living 15 years in the future: a gorgeous biomass power plant encased in a rainbow-colored geodesic dome. The project was...
Things are looking good for net neutrality. On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission will vote on whether to treat the internet more like a public utility. This vote comes after a lengthy p
If you think the Internet can go on being just like it is, here's some bad news.
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