Researchers at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University have invented a technique that uses a hydrogel 'ink' that swells when it is added to water, causing objects to change shape.
The founder of Thorn Medical says the possibilites created from stem cell research are 'endless'
If you've ever thought of giving it all up to pursue your dream job, it might just be the perfect time.
At a 2001 talk in Berlin, transhumanist and Oxford academic Anders Sandberg addressed the crowd. “I am hoping to demonstrate why the freedom to modif...
Move over Pluto: Growing evidence points to a new ninth planet lurking in the far reaches of our solar system.
A quick search of Berkshire’s 13Fs shows that it has made regular use of the “Confidential Treatment” rule that allows high-profile investors (like Buffett) from having to disclose certain positions
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