More than half (54%) of six to eight year-olds are frequent readers and read books for fun five to seven days a week, but this dramatically declines over the teenage years, research indicates
Illumicase is a new kind of smart phone case that brings creativity and personality to your phone. It gives you the ability to express yourself with the 100's of interchangeable designs and colors :)
OSSINING, N.Y. - Linda Mosiello has seen both sides of the coin as the Executive Director of Sunshine Children’s Home & Rehab Center in Ossining. She lived through the lean times six years ago when t
Some 10% of Dutch students fail to complete a degree within 10 years and have to pay back their grants, student funding body DUO told website nu.nl at the weekend.
Help fund two awesome Navy Vets
Sunday's eclipse will be visible to observers throughout South Africa, as well as people in the southern parts of Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Madagascar.
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