Since the International Modern Media Institute was founded in 2011 it has been an independent watchdog and advocacy group working to promote and protect freedom of expression and freedom of informati
Video game research outfit EEDAR has published data�corroborating�what many have long suspected: most people play mobile games not for fun, or a challenge, but chiefly to pass some time.
The New Day finds out from the experts at Penguin, what books we should all be reading
Although emoji fill in where words are lacking, their true meaning might be getting lost in translation. People interpret emoji differently, according to a new study from the University of...
Rain is normally a solar energy cell's worst nightmare, but a team of Chinese scientists could make it a tremendous ally. They've developed a solar cell with a...
Having trouble with your restaurant Accounts? No Worries.. Cogneesol will sort out all of your financial, accounting and bookkeeping problems with it's outstanding restaurant accounting and bookkeepi
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