Ever notice that you don't see dollar signs on a menu? That's a deliberate choice.
Google has announced a new licensing deal with big pharmacy corporation Novartis to bring its "smart" contact lenses, with the power to help diabetics track..
The combination of the hot summer sun and geothermal activity raised the blacktop temperature to an asphalt melting 160 degrees.
British blogger Brown Moses, also known as Eliot Higgins, has become a leading source of fact-checked information about military activity in Syria and elsewhere, despite having no journalistic traini
Trying to target ads to people based on their digital behavior is a hit-and-miss business, with the emphasis usually on miss. Tracking you browsing history too often results in ads that fall into the
America laughed when Professor Isao Echizen unveiled his goofy-looking "privacy goggles" last year. But Isao did not get discouraged — and now allies within Japan's top eyewear firms have joined forc
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