Over half of surfers (52%) express discomfort in visiting websites ending in new domains.
Nervous System, a Massachusetts-based design studio, has unveiled a new 4D-printed dress that consists of 1,600 individual pieces
Meerkat — the darling of South by Southwest 2015 that helped kickstart the livestreaming app craze — is pivoting away from live broadcasts.
New research suggests that a lack of remaining domain names with easy to remember – and consequently valuable – word combinations is restricting Internet growth, with an untapped demand of as much as
At Kik, we’ve been thinking about the coming bot revolution for a long time. We first launched a basic bot platform a year and a half ago, and millions of users have been chatting with Kik bots ever
In the future, every computer, appliance and vehicle will have a conversational UI, just like Barbie.
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