This week, security company Zscaler reveals an issue in CNN's iPhone app that allows an attacker to obtain the login information for users of the citizen journalist iReporter feature.
When the App Store first appeared more than a year after the iPhone's debut, we were in awe. The possibilities seemed endless! And the first thing most of us did with all that infinite opportunity? U
Neil Young isn't the only one pushing high-resolution audio files: Sony's newest $700 Walkman also plays such music and it's reportedly selling well in Japan. There's no timeframe for a U.S. launch a
Helena Puig Larrauri on the development projects can use technology to promote peace in Israel, Palestine and other places caught in conflict
Sometimes you need a quick way to tell the world, all of it, everyone, "there is no mode of escape from the current situation other than to persevere." For those times, CNC Design offer you the unive
A serious look at sci-fi robot takeover.
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