In light of Earth Day, Action Automatic Door & Gate is accepting gently used cellphones and other mobile devices to contribute to its Earth Day campaign with Cell Phones for Soldiers Inc., a nonprofi
In Canada’s north, internet is slower and more expensive than anywhere else in the country. Despite recent improvements, northern users say more action is needed before the system grinds to a halt.
If you've wanted to use a virtual private network to improve your web privacy or (let's be honest) dodge content restrictions, you've usually had to either inst...
One of the cooler 3D printing gadgets to come along in the last few years is the handheld 3D printer pen that allows users to freehand 3D objects using plastic filament.
If you're a liberal user of the snooze button, this wearable alarm clock, currently seeking funds on Indigogo, can zap that bad habit out of you.
According to a new study from the US Census Bureau, more and more American households across a range of incomes are relying on mobile internet service as their...
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