Sometimes you need a quick way to tell the world, all of it, everyone, "there is no mode of escape from the current situation other than to persevere." For those times, CNC Design offer you the unive
A serious look at sci-fi robot takeover.
Google has announced a new licensing deal with big pharmacy corporation Novartis to bring its "smart" contact lenses, with the power to help diabetics track..
America laughed when Professor Isao Echizen unveiled his goofy-looking "privacy goggles" last year. But Isao did not get discouraged — and now allies within Japan's top eyewear firms have joined forc
The new supercomputer will be installed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and used to "ensure the safety, security and effectiveness of the United States' nuclear stockpile.
To have open journalism across Africa we need to be able to reach people even if they have little or no internet access
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