A sequence of four consecutive total lunar eclipses over the next two year begins April 15, something that hasn't happened since the 16th Century.
A robotic kangaroo controlled by an armband uses elastic springs to bounce just like the real thing
Criminals who inadvertently leave traces of their DNA at the crime scene now have something more to worry about. By isolating 24 genetic variants, researchers have developed a computer program that c
The first direct evidence of cosmic inflation also supports the idea that our universe is just one of many out there
You should probably read this. It's only potentially one of the most important revelations in physics since Einstein's days. Read this article by Eric Mack on CNET.
A team of chemical engineers and biochemists has managed to change how plants work. Well, to be exact, they've made plants work better by embedding carbon nanotubes into the plants' leaves so that th
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