The Internet allows for national, local and international contact. It additionally allows for all to add content and share their thoughts with the world, making everyone out to be a so-called “journa
French Bluetooth pioneer and AR drone maker Parrot has just released some updated news regarding its big new announcements from CES in January. Parrot showed..
The need to urgently shield investigative journalism in the post-Edward Snowden era is the burning issue in newsrooms globally, according to the World Editors Forum s Trends in Newsrooms 2014 report,
Nominations are open for the prestigious Daily Mail-sponsored Young Journalist of the Year category in the annual GG2 Leadership Awards. Last year's winner, Nazia Dewji, is pictured.
With all the talk surrounding Google's self-driving cars — as cute as they are — questions still remain. For one, how will these automated..
Freelancers, photographers, and activists all have a harder time getting that laminated press badge than full-time, words-based employees at established news organizations, according to this survey o
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