Traditional burial is an unnatural process that uses a lot of land, and cremation releases carbon into the atmosphere—Katrina Spade thinks there's a better way to deal with dead bodies.
With services like Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and HBO Now, 2015 is the year we can finally say goodbye to our cable TV subscriptions. But how much will it cost you to cut the cord — and what channels
Palcohol is alcohol in a powdered form, and the product is now legal in the U.S. But how safe is this stuff?
"Being a good doctor requires an understanding of people, not just science."
Every year, cows kill more people than sharks. And yet nobody ever makes a horror movie about them, and there's no Cow Week. These deadly beasts have managed to stay completely under the radar... unt
The morning sets a tone for how the rest of the day is going to go, and even a handful of small hiccups can take its toll on your productivity.
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