Freelancers, photographers, and activists all have a harder time getting that laminated press badge than full-time, words-based employees at established news organizations, according to this survey o
Laith Halabi paced the dark streets of Aleppo looking for a person to interview.
The 'social media prenup' is a contract stipulating that couples cannot share incriminating photos or posts about one another, or they have to fork out money.
Canadian journalism is in trouble, as everyone knows, but Ethan Cox thinks the people most in need of a new business model aren't the media companies bleeding money. It's the readers.
Many traditional news outlets are happy to have "user-generated content" or citizen journalism for their breaking news reports, a Tow Center study finds -- but most do a poor job of identifying it as
There are times when Instagram's 18 filters don't seem like enough. The app was designed to make your photos look good with as little effort as possible, but after more than three years of Sutro,...
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