Those who are cynical, defined as people who believe others are mainly motivated by selfish concerns, may have a higher risk of dementia.
America is rushing headlong toward legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. A growing majority—54 percent as of a Pew survey released just last month—favor legalization, and an even larger major
But don't go reaching for those diet soda cans just yet
A new study has found that inexpensive food is likely to be an important factor behind rising obesity. A new review, authored by Roland Sturm of RAND Corporation and Ruopeng..
Investigators have seized £8.6 million worth of counterfeit and unlicensed medicines destined for the UK's black market in just ten days.
A survey of 5.863 smokers carried out by a team at the University of London found a fifth reported having 'quit' real cigarettes after using the electronic alternative.
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