A team of scientists from Beijing's Tsinghua University have reportedly devised a means of producing uniform embryonic stem cells with a 3D printer. These cells...
Chemicals in cooling and refrigeration systems can be far more destructive to the environment than carbon dioxide. It’s time to phase them out
The bad air quality found in many office buildings may also affect performance, health.
Largest drug maker firm in the United States, Pfizer, under a successful leadership of Pfizer CEO Ian Read, occupies $218 billion market worth and Allergan occupies a market value of worth $113 billi
The drug is remarkably effective, shown to extend the lives of sick women by an average six months with few side effects - and some have lived for years on the drug. But it is very expensive.
Stem Med, a joint venture between public-listed TalkMed Group and StemCord, opened on Tuesday at Pasir Panjang. -AsiaOne
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