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Google+ communities are groups on Google’s social network that focus on a specific set of subjects covering anything from baking to fashion to science fiction. A business, an individual or a group of
A few weeks ago, I shared a list of tools to help you make the most of Google+. Quite a few people noticed that a major one was missing: CircleCount. I left out that one on purpose because it deserve
NewsMeBack's owner, Milan Pavlovic uses Google Plus. But is he representative of users? Let's take a look at who is on Google Plus these days.
So, to cut through the blah-blah-blah, Google Plus is storming the palace gates and what does Facebook do? Facebook opens the gates. If small businesses move from Facebook to Google Plus for their ma
My goal as a social media coach is to help clients develop a strategy that works best for their specific situations. I achieve that not only by sharing actionable tips, but also by challenging their
Ever wondered how to get big traffic for your blog posts? It's all about the headline. Here's how to write one that will attract readers.
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