Guided bullets, laser weapons, and flying trucks are all on DARPA's radar.
Before purchasing the new 'Hello Barbie' Wi-Fi-enabled doll, consider the possibilities of hackers gaining access to the doll and spying on your child.
Physicists from the FOM Foundation and Leiden University have found a way to better understand the properties of manmade 'smart' materials. Their method reveals how stacked layers in such a material
On Thursday, Verizon introduced a new array of “simple prepaid service plans,” which includes three plans for smartphones and two plans for basic phones, as well as various data options for those who
You're watching TV on your computer via your broadband connection. But Comcast says technically its Stream TV service is being offered via cable.
Michael Bentley of security-through-analytics outfit Lookout has found android malware that does not require user permission to install.
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