The way you experience YouTube may be dramatically different before the end of the year. According to multiple sources, the world’s largest video-sharing site is preparing to launch its two...
The nominations are in for new additions to the emoji alphabet as part of the 2016 update including a selfie, a dancing man to accompany the dancing woman and even a facepalm.
In a scathing blog post, YouTube creator Hank Green goes off on the problems with Facebook's video product. Namely, that tons of people are stealing content.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. For Twitter, that could mean a new approach to the way it displays tweets.
Twitter got a little more festive when it announced that users can now display their birthdays on their profiles. The social network plans on rolling out the feature to all users throughout the day o
Facebook updated Messenger this week. It could mean bigger business opportunities for the company.
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