The gap between expert analysis and public opinion seems to be widening by the day. In the US, there is significant popular support for the policies of Donald Trump which the vast majority of experts
With a goal of boosting supply and expertise in the burgeoning field of cybersecurity, Polytechnique Montréal and Deloitte have teamed up to educate a new crop of cybersecurity experts.
There’s a new form of chocolate out there that wants to replace candy as we know it. The reason it’s not going to is the same reason all substitute foods keep failing to deliver on their promises: Ac
If you listen to some entrepreneurs and investors, the flying car – a longstanding staple of science fiction – is right around the corner. Working prototypes exist. At least two companies already tak
In April 2016 WeWork, a $16 billion company that leases office space and then rents it out to startups, launched its most radical experiment yet. It unveiled WeLive, residential properties in New Yor
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