You don't need a bagful of CDs or even electricity to make music on a solar-powered, outdoor DJ table called the Fono. All you need is a smartphone set to play music out of its speakers. Then teens..
When Brooklyn's Barclays Center opened in 2012, the only thing it lacked was a "green roof," a verdant patch of landscape that would have served as a public plaza. Those plans were cut out of the...
During pre-deal investor education in Hong Kong last week, Weibo management was seeking to raise roughly $500mn on a $6bn valuation.  The Weibo story seems to have failed to excite Asian investors. A
BBC Arabic announced Monday the Aan Korb (Up Close) Film Festival. The festival, which aims to encourage filmmakers concerned with the Arab uprisings in January 2011 and onwards, will be held in Octo
Fans donated more than 65m dogecoins so that driver Josh Wise could compete in the #98 Moonrocket at the Talladega Superspeedway. By Alex Hern
Ah, your wedding day. It simply wouldn't be complete without your loving new spouse, those beautiful flowers ... and that guy in the...
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