Yoga has become the latest victim of political correctness on university campuses after a free class was cancelled because of complaints that the lessons were an unacceptable “cultural appropriation”
With roughly six weeks left under the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – a set of eight universally-agreed goals adopted in 2000 to rid the world of extreme poverty and disease by 2
The plug could be pulled on the £4m a year given to area of medicine and banned from NHS prescriptions
In general, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for this condition hinges on reframing the patient's thinking about the approaching winter -- away from a negative attitude about the shorter, darker, freezin
A team of scientists from Beijing's Tsinghua University have reportedly devised a means of producing uniform embryonic stem cells with a 3D printer. These cells...
Chemicals in cooling and refrigeration systems can be far more destructive to the environment than carbon dioxide. It’s time to phase them out
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