The next generation of robots is likely to be inspired by the unique square shaped tail of the sea horse which is also pretty strong and flexible. For the sea horses the unique tail also comes in han
Experts weigh in on Mark Zuckerberg's vision of a type of telepathy in which people share their thoughts and experiences through brain-to-brain communication.
In its continuing efforts to show how cool and down with the kids it is, Microsoft has just added a video game from 1972 to Bing. Yes, this will consume all your remaining spare time this evening.
So Apple Music is here, and thanks to iCloud Music Library you can now potentially free up a ton of space on your phone and store your music in the cloud and stream it anytime and anywhere you want.
It has been a busy couple months at the 530 Media Project, with 76 people signed up to attend three presentations. Not quite as many showed up in person, but I nonetheless consider all three workshop
– Using just mobile phones, Indian villagers have found a platform to report their own problems without mainstream media
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